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Charles, I will agree to everything stated here. 

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On Mar 27, 2020, at 5:10 PM, BMWMCON - Chatin' <> wrote:

Time to move on and hit the ‘reset button’ in my opinion.

Judy Hunley
3210 Carl Road
Franklin, TN, 37064
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 We sold it a couple years ago. 

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We sold it a couple years ago. 

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Buddy was a fantastic member of the club for many years and produced the very time consuming pre-Internet snail mail club newsletter, a duty that was also done for many years by our wonderful den mother Polly.  Buddy left the club over the liability issue of someone being injured while changing a tire on the club owned, club shared tire changer, and he did not want to be on the wrong side of a law suit.  Again, Buddy was a great club member and it was our loss when he pulled out.  I have no idea of what ever happened to that controversial tire changer.
Charles Noble.

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On Mar 27, 2020, at 7:18 AM, BMWMCON - Chatin' <> wrote:

Thanks to all for your responses. Jim Allen has generously offered to help us with this. 

Skip Neuhoff
Is this about getting him to rejoining the club? 

I would say Buddy has the same attitude now as he did when he left the club over the dispute about the purchase of the tire changer. But he might consider if Polly approached him.  

Lee Waggoner. 

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On Mar 26, 2020, at 10:41 PM, BMWMCON - Chatin' <> wrote:

Buddy Burnett

Their used to be a club member that was an attorney in Nashville maybe named Buddy? That I think quit the club when a community tire changer was purchased, I know he had an R60 and something newer he rode, Polly could probably tell you his last name.


Ronald Ford


Thanks Jim!  Who needs strippers when I got this gif?

Chris Aycock

To the contrary, since nonprofits pay no stinking taxes, BMWMCON has no need for deductions. So, Chris, you can hypothetically engage the services of professionals as the duties of your office require. 

Thanks so much for the offer Jim.

So just to be sure, this wouldn’t stop us from claiming strippers as dependents would it?  You know, hypothetically?



It's time consuming but not hard, IRS Form 1023, if you've kept relatively believable financial records.  I'll be glad to help.

Jim Allen - from my phone

I wanted to reach out to the membership to see if anyone can help with this.

Presently the club is an LLC. On the state level we are a not for profit. However at the federal level we are not. 

Every year when I file our tax return the accountant advises me that we can save money by becoming a not for profit. I have pursued it twice but the assistance i got fizzled out both times. 

We need someone that understands the forms that need to be filed and how to complete them. Most likely a lawyer or a CPA.

If you have the skill and are available please let me know and we will pursue this. This IS NOT A REQUEST FOR FREE SERVICE. We expect to pay a reasonable fee.

Skip Neuhoff
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