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Steve's new toy
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For the record, that was all first quality lumber.

Awesome Steve! 


David Stephens



What?   Not made from scrap lumber? Blasphemy!!!

That sounds great. Now I just need to figure out what is a good replacement for the Anakee 3s that have a flat spot down the center.

Cool!  But your old tire changer was so much fun!

    Jim Allen

Neat you!  Bet you will enjoy it.

Mike Umphres
Principal, Compensation Advantage

Wow, nice!!!  You did a great job with the old tire changer, but this will take you to a whole new level.  Larry M

Just purchased a full blown tire machine to support my side hustle performing maintenance and repair of bikes for members and non-members alike. Some of you already use my services but hopefully this post will generate additioonal interest.

I can take delivery of tires at my home and dispose of the worn ones saving you the hassle of strapping them to your bike on the way to and from my house.

Competitively priced and I think more convenient that a dealer as I accept appointments and accept same after working hours.

Tiered pricing, on and off the bike, tubed and tubless

Contact me by phone or text


I am in Hendersonville, just 2 minutes of 386 at exit 8.

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