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How Many Club Members Run Ethanol-free Gas?
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I'm a stickler for maintenance and tend to keep things for a long time.

On every motor I own, at every oil change, I use some sort of fuel system cleaner.
I like Techron Fuel system Cleaner, Lucas (upper cyl lube/inj cleaner), or Sea Foam.  Those are my top three.  Whichever is on sale.  One of them usually is.  And also provides for a variety of each products special forte'. 
On my cars, trucks, etc I just use regular unleaded (with up to10% ethanol).  But on the bikes, mowers, etc. I always prefer the non-eth fuels.  Not always possible, but mostly is.
Anyway, I've never had carb/inj tuning issues.
It's a simple and relatively cheap way to keep things tidy inside your internal combustion engines.
Thanks for the research!
Did a quick online search on startron vs seafoam... got two things out of it...
1. Seafoam is probably better for cleaning if things get dirty...
2. Startron is probably best used to prevent things from getting dirty...
I think I will make a stronger effort for 100% gas going forward if possible. If not, use some startron with fill up. Use Seafoam for cleaning at regular intervals like at every oil change.
I will add this tidbit: 
On my old GS I could not get the throttle bodys to sync as well as I wanted. BMW spec was to have less than 25Mbar difference in vacuum at idle. I had well over that sometimes hitting the 40s. After much trial and error I found the problem to be carbon deposit built up on the intake valves. I used seafoam to manually clean them. Mbar difference went to under 10. I never really used any fuel additives.
Even if we use 100% gas carbon will still build up. It's the nature of the beast. I think combating ethanol with startron and an occasional shower of seafoam can really help.
I'm in agreement with everyone here.
There is also an APP for your iPhone/Android phone as well.
Just search for "pure gas" in the Play Store/App Store.

I try to use non ethanol whenever I can.  When I can't I put in some Sea Foam along with the gas.

I'd rather run ethanol free but it is hard to find.  I only know of one station in Franklin where you can get it. It is over on Columbia Pike.  Far enough out of the way that I don't go there often.

If anyone knows of more locations, please let us know.
Sorry, but if we were together out west where stations are few and far between, I would be unhappy if you refused to fill up with the poisonous E-10.
But what we all need to be aware of is the government's push to go to E-15.   There have been several opportunities through the AMA to send e-mails to congressmen to oppose this.
Get active and send an e-mail to our congressmen.

I run non-ethanol fuels in my mowers, weed-eater, (formerly boat) and both motorcycles.

I make a point to only use this even on longer trips.  Most places have stations available.
I use (web and IOS App) to find them.  Luckily, there's a fuel station close to home.
On longer trips where only regular fuels are available, I'l just use that and never sweat it.  But fill non-E fuels when at al possible.
I never had a fuel-related issue or carb gum-up.  But I'm one of those anal-folk who pays attention.
Example, my riding mower prob. hasn't started in 1.5 months.  I do keep it on a battery tender, but I can bet that it'll fire right-up.
I started reading some information last year about the hazards of using standard gasoline with 10% ethanol in your motorcycle, the push to increase allowable ethanol levels, and the resistance from motorcycle owners and classic car enthusiasts.  It convinced me to run only non-ethanol gas in my motorcycles.  The guy I bought my RT from said he only ran non-ethanol gas and never had a problem with the fuel strips in the RT, unlike a lot of other people.
What's your opinion?  Is it a non-issue for you?  Is it a good idea as long as it's convenient?  Or are you adament about it - will you go out of your way and pay extra to get non-ethanol gas?
Put another way - if we were on a long ride together and I insisted on detouring or stopping early for gas, would you be happy to do the same , or PO'd at me
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