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How does one post an article?
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Ya.  What E said.

To post an article you have to first be given access to the articles module of the website. (Which I've done....) Next you can post in one of two ways:(see the note about sharing photos below as well...)
Either way you have to be logged on to the site, then:
1. You can hover over News and select Articles. Then click the Pencil button on the hover menu to the right. This will give you access to the editor for the articles. Once in the editor you can click on Add Item/Article.
2. You can click on the Control Panel link in the top left corner of the site. Then click the Communications tab and then click the Pencil icon next to the word "Articles". This will also take you to the articles editor where you can then add an item.
Now that you have access to the control panel, you should also see a tab named Support. There you will find the manual and as well as how-to videos if you have any other questions.
PHOTO NOTES: Also, if you would like to simply share photos, from your Profile page click on Photo Albums. Everyone has access to this and it is the proper method for posting photos to the site. If you want to share more than a few photos in the article, you need to create the album first, then you can link to it with the "Globe & Chain" button from the article editor.
Thanks for sharing with the club!

If we wanted to post a short story about the Club Ride with a few photos, how does that happen?  Mark knows the secret, but I don't think he's talking.

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